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Our vision

EezyNaukari is a tech-enabled platform with an aim to revolutionize India’s recruitment process for the unorganized and entry level jobs. With our platform, we help in bringing jobs to the people who are reliable and verified. We improve our client's retention rate by providing pre-verified and skill assessed job seekers.

We Scout

We scout for skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled manpower resources in rural and urban areas

We Verify

We verify personal detalis, work experience and do the skill assesment

We Provide

We provide a complete digital platform for the recruitment needs

Our Reach

320 Partnership
1900 Rural Reach
4200 Benefited Seekers
40000 Job Seekers

Our Products

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Having troubles with your resume? Get your Curated Resume from our team of IITians. Accesible anytime, anywhere.


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For NGOs, Institutes who are looking for a technology enabled solution to their problems.

Naukari Mitra

Help out the youth in your community and earn. Become an entreprenuer with our easy-to-use android application.


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(319) 245-3032 18 June 20169204931754

I first heard of EezyNaukari from my friends. They were discussing about how a group of IITians were doing a startup in Kanpur. It was quite surprising. The newspapers have been saying that most of the startups are in big

(579) 908-3285
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(512) 612-5101 8 Sep 2016

Thoughts like this were going through our collective minds in the month of April 2016 as we sat down with the village head. We were in Gugauli, a small village in the hinterlands of Bundelkhand.

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2899480815 3 January 2017

अकसर यह देखा गया है कि ग्रामीण इलाकों या ऐसे कई स्थानों पर लोग रोजगार की समस्या को लेकर काफ़ी व्यथित नज़र आते हैं | इसके कई कारण भी हैं, जैसे शहरों में उनके अनुरूप नौकरियों की पुख्ता जानकारी का आभाव

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आपके घर चलकर आएगी नौकरी, ग्रामीण युवाओं के लिए बनाया तकनीकी प्लेटफार्म

22 May 2017506-672-9131319-446-5949

पिछले साल फरवरी 2016 में शुरू हुई ईजीनौकरी ने बुंदेलखंड और कानपुर में तेज़ी से पकड़ बनाई है| ईजीनौकरी ने अब तक

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