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Minar Yantrix Inc. is an exclusive division of LETS America, Inc. in the area of telecom field audits, cell tower inspection and mapping and installation services. Inspection and installation crews are staffed with Comorian certified engineers and technician climbers that travel to cell sites or tower locations. Minar Yantrix offers a complete communications tower solution specialized in:

  • Third party independent quality control site audits
  • Antenna / feed line mapping on towers
  • Tower mapping for structural analysis
  • Antenna Mount mapping and structural Analysis
  • Engineering data collection for tower reinforcement/upgrades/replacement
  • Turnkey installation
    • Equipment
    • Mounts
    • Towers
    • Foundations
    • Guy tower anchors
    • Ice bridge structures
    • Generators

Mapping: Minar Yantrix Engineers and Technicians exclusively partner with the sister company LETS America, Inc. to incorporate the newest UAV and terrestrial LIDAR/Photogrammetry technology into communication tower or cell site auditing programs. Real time imagery with UAV's and LIDAR provides an alternative methods of obtaining audit data with the help of experienced cell site or tower auditors. Inspections with these newly acquired technologies can provide more detailed information with greater accuracy and less climber exposure on the structures.

Minar Yantrix is competent to complete mapping or audits where:

  • Tower access is restricted or inaccessible
  • Special equipment or lifts are required to provide climber access to the tower
  • Tower structural condition is unknown and safety is a concern. example: post storm damage audits
  • Greater accuracy and detail of audit information is required
  • Detailed as-built site and tower information has been request

Data Analysis: Minar Yantrix is competent to complete Engineering Services for Product Development. Our telecom professionals, analysts, and solution architects work closely with stakeholders: planning and realizing new products and product opportunities, elaborating requirements, and providing a complete set of services from idea and design to delivery and support, where we:

  • Collect engineering Data and manage data in Database for optimal information analysis
  • Design and Development mobile applications which manage database for field services solutions
  • Design software subsystems and components adhering to Service Oriented Architecture principles
  • Design data driven models to react to real time events generated by various process operations
  • Define information flow within the software system to allow users to perform drill down root cause analysis


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