Intelligence-Powered Cyber Security

Packet Ninjas is a niche cyber security agency with specialized expertise in the use of digital intelligence to strengthen cyber security and identify, deter, contain and attribute bad actors.

Stop Bad Actors Before They Strike.
Bring Them to Justice When They Do.

Our cyber security professionals have relentlessly studied the online habits and complex technologies of cybercriminals for decades. We know their tactics, online haunts, and collect data on their digital footprints and malware. This expertise is baked into Packet Ninjas cyber security services and advanced intelligence solutions enabling clients to foil the plans of sophisticated adversaries before costly attacks occur.

Fortune 50 corporations, law enforcement entities and governments on six continents come to us when they need to gain the upper hand against cybercriminals. We help ensure brand protection, gather real time and actionable intelligence on threats, and leverage legally defensible evidence which results in convictions.

Packet Ninjas cyber security experts are trusted and
recognized worldwide for their expertise.

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Consulting that drives proactive and efficient cyber security.

Understand Which Threats Are Relevant

Who they are, what they are doing now and how this should affect your cyber security strategy.

Our proprietary subscription-based solutions gather, evaluate and visually present intelligence from as many as 100+ sources through customized queries. Threat data is updated in near real time and can be integrated with existing information.

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Packet Ninjas uses cyber intelligence tools created by our sister company ShadowDragon. These tools enable us to gather information to identify, deter, contain and attribute online or kinetic malicious activity.

Need quicker data analysis or
better visualization of intelligence?

Our team can customize Maltego transforms for clients to enable specialized social media analysis, background checks, attribution, malware analysis, forensics and more.



Cyber Intelligence to hunt, track and document online or real-world malicious activity.


Packetninjas has supported cyber security initiatives for hundreds of clients in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America

This includes Fortune 50 companies as well as U.S.-based and international law enforcement, government, military and intelligence organizations

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